Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How To Fix Bad Liposuction Results - Dr Melek Kayser

What can I do to fix a bad Liposuction job on my legs - Dr Melek Kayser

Sit back and watch a relevant video of Dr Melek Kayser talking about fat grafting and how it can transform problems developed by liposuction surgical treatment by untrained surgeons . Patient had liposuction surgical treatment by a non-board certified plastic surgeon . Outcomes were horrible for her - she was left with extreme defects . Correction with additional liposuction alone will only cause more irregularities . This affected individual had both inadequate and over-zealous liposuction . Fat will be collected from the stomach and the adjacent thigh regions . Correction will be accomplished through an addition/subtraction approach . Body fat will be used to correct defects caused by disastrous liposuction .